Florida Georgia Line- Dirt

Always & forever

Always & forever

Stopped at starbucks and the girl asked if the dogs would like “puppy lattes” which ended up being two little cups of whipped cream and they loved it

First long solo drive. Over half done

First long solo drive. Over half done

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good news, everyone: dogs

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Ugh goodnight world
Alarm set for 4 am 😭😭
All so i can avoid morning commuter traffic on 95 especially through jacksonville
Tomorrow is going to be a long day

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Moira Queen 4ever😭👸😭👸😭👸😭👸

This morning my hair was long and brown and tonight it’s 14 inches shorter and red.

I wasn’t even planning on cutting that much until right before hand and then I got there and they said it was long enough to donate so I did that and apparently doing that makes your haircut free so that was nice.

It is an unpopular opinion to say that if captain america and thor decided to drop out of the avengers i wouldn’t even be mad


Who do you want me to be?

It pisses me off soooo much when in a show someone opens the door even though they have a fucking peep hole like wow you are really going to act surprised when the bad guy is on the other side you could have prevented this you have no one to blame but yourself

Got a good crew. Fighters, pilot, mechanic. We even picked up a preacher for some reason, and a bona fide companion. There’s a doctor, too, took his genius sister outta some Alliance camp, so they’re keepin’ a low profile. You understand. You got a job, we can do it. Don’t much care what it is.

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